Timeframe: 6 weeks August 2012 (Residency Elective)

Liberia reinforced what started out as a spark of interest in global health and has now grown into my passion. In Liberia, I functioned autonomously in a single coverage emergency department gaining exposure in a resource poor environment not only to tropical medicine, but also chronic disease and trauma. I learnt how to calculate a drip rate and treat DKA based on a respiratory rate, the art of MacGyvering blood pressures in hypertensive emergencies, and the kitchen sink approach to fever management in sub-saharan Africa. At JFK medical center I also got to experience the dire consequences of severe malnutrition and the benefits of specialized nutrition programs. My best companion was the MSF clinical handbook (the green bible for acute care)! This experience solidified my desire to practice in resource poor environments, engage in teaching, and strive to introduce system-based improvements in the development setting.